Trauma of Loss

Trauma of Loss

“I enjoyed coming to each session as i had nothing to do at home by myself”

“Don’t have a favourite colour, as no one has ever asked me”

For 6 weeks we worked in partnership with Brent Bereavement Service to deliver a project called the trauma of loss project with a group of Somali elderly women in Brent. The group met weekly, and for the duration of the project they explored different ideas of therapeutic arts and crafts i.e impact of colours, how to mix colours, jewellery making workshops using different styles of beads, shape and colour,  henna tattoo workshops, stretching and chair exercises.

After each art and crafts workshop, the group shared a hot meal together, we ended the project with a trip to the park and a picnic.  All of these therapeutic techniques were used in order to enhance the group’s well-being and find relief from the trauma of loss.

” Today I exercised my brain, legs and fingers for the first time in a long time”.

“I look forward to these sessions as i am excited for the workshops we will do next, no other group offered us anything similar”.